Wedding Bells

When it comes to plan a wedding, many people might notice an alarm ringing in their heads rather than wedding bells. When you are to plan a wedding, the very first thing that comes to your mind is, 'How am I going to do it? Or, 'Would I manage to do all preparation within the time frame?' The key is to relax first and list down what you will need. If the wedding is to be held in Seattle, you can contact a wedding photographer who can assist you to capture the priced moments. The first step is a good wedding photographer Seattle that is not too heavy on your pocket and also gives you quality results. Take a few samples and make your decision according to them. It is also very impressive to plan a theme wedding. The photographer can tell you about a few attractive themes and you can select any of them according to the personality of the groom and the bride.

To plan the venue of the wedding can be very critical. First and foremost, think about the bride and the groom, after all it is their day. Think about to what kind of personalities each belongs. If they are religious, then chapels would make an excellent choice. However, if they are not, hotels, parks and banquet halls will make a sensible decision. Secondly, if you are planning your own wedding, list down the guests that are expected to come. Consider aspects such as 'would the venue be too far away from them and 'would they be easily able to make it? However, since you cannot consider each and every one of your guests, it is best to locate a venue that is in the city center and accessible to all.

The next aspect is the budget. List down your major expenses; like that of the location, dresses and catering. Other than that, keep a good amount of money to be spent in other stuff such as flower arrangements and guests seating. Select the dresses and the location according to your budget.

Now, when exactly the wedding should be held? This is a confusing question if you have a whole lot of family attending your wedding. You will have to consider others and their work schedules. However, the bride and the groom are priority. Select a day when both of you are relaxed and not overburdened by work. Keep a span of at least 2 to 3 days after you are done with all the planning. This will ensure that you are fresh and stress free on your wedding day.

Also, you have to hire an entertaining disc jockey. The after dine dance floor should be worth remembering for the bride and the groom. Make sure you hire someone who is truly compatible with the event. Moreover, in wedding parties, you will not need a constant music. Ask your DJ to have considerate gaps between each song. It is better to tell him beforehand what genre of the music you would like to be played exactly. As for catering and the food menu get help from your friends. After all what are friends for? Make the day memorable for a lifetime in each way possible.

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