Wedding Bouquets

Did you know that the humble beginnings of the wedding bouquet were garlands made of herbs? It is true, each herb ad flower suggest its own special meaning. Down through time the floral wedding posy of a beloved queen replaced the simple wedding garland, and then Hollywood with all its glamour, fashioned the use of exquisitely created wedding bouquets and new brides of that time created a wedding trend by wanting their own bouquets to resemble those of the stars. The styles of wedding bouquets have swung back to nostalgic times for some brides and their choices of a wedding bouquet.

The wedding bouquet represents fertility and is to compliment the bridal gown. There are several different styles of wedding bouquets and they carry in the manner of which is their creation. Crescent and cascading bouquets as well as heart shaped and round bouquets carry in front. Wedding bouquets which are delicately small and lightweight such as single blossoms or nosegays are carried to your side in one hand, however if you choose to make these simple bouquets more elaborate, you may wish to carry them in front as well. Floral pomander styles of bouquets carry to the side by an adult and to the front for children. Arm bouquets style in wedding bouquets shall rest upon the forearm across the inner bend of the elbow so to carry in the cradle of your arm. There are many other bouquet styles to choose from, so be sure to investigate and compare to find the perfect wedding bouquet for your own wedding.

Long ago, it was improper for a gentleman to pronounce to a lady what his feelings for her entailed, instead he let her know by the flowers that he gave to her, and all flowers had their well-known meanings. Roses of different colors tell of love. White roses mean charm, innocence and beauty, while a red rose admits to passion and dark pink roses express thankfulness of finding one another. Shades of green or ivy in roses stands for marriage devotion. Tulips speak of love undying, while daisies represent an innocent and romantic spirit. Remember calla lilies associate the sophistication of charm and elegance to any wedding bouquet. Of course, these are just a few, although you should put some deep thought into what type of flowers your wedding bouquet should be. In addition, you may want to consider a special wedding bouquet just for its throwing ritual, this way you shall have your own wedding bouquet keepsake, and so will the friend who captures your throw.

Since wedding guests of the younger girls love the play of throwing and catching, a favor of miniature wedding bouquets for the girls in attendance would add a nice touch to your wedding, making fashionable memories of keepsakes. A centerpiece arrangement composed of miniature wedding bouquets that can be the setting for such wedding favors. As you know very well there is just something special about having your hands on a wedding bouquet.

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