Unique Wedding Invitations

Your unique wedding invitations set the stage for bridal day happiness. Rather than settling for a boiler plate invitation, when the two of you take the time to think through what you really 
want your invitations to convey, then you can express your deep happiness at what it actually means to be engaged to be married.

Along with your personalized, unique wedding invitations, your wedding programs can also convey your distinctive expression as a couple.

How do you do that? The first thing you'll want to do is follow your heart. Notice how you feel toward your guests. How do you want them to feel when they read your invitation and your program. How about: cared for, included, excited to be with you. Perhaps you want to arouse a little chuckle, or a sentimental sigh.

When you check in with your united hearts' desire, rather than some old romance books, you'll easily determine the style and feel for your unique wedding invitations and wedding programs.

Remember that your wedding is an expression and celebration of your love. When you do, you'll avoid selecting invitations that treat the event like it's a story book display.

Also, remember that your wedding is the first day of your married life. So, when you select your unique wedding invitations, don't make it an excuse to show off. Instead make sure your unique wedding invitations express the two of you as a couple, a loving, dedicated couple.

Then you'll be able to count on your guests feeling cared for and included in your very real romantic connection expressed through the personal care you've taken during your wedding planning.


Deb Baker said...

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Betty Sue said...

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